1. Is there a download limit on the site? If I download lots will I get charged more?

There is NO download limit on the Adultbouncer network. You can download as much as you want without worrying about getting charged more. There are NO HIDDEN FEES, NO OVERAGE, NO BULLSHIT. The only limitation is that you can only download 2 files at the exact same time. Once one of the downloads is finished you can start another one. This is only to keep up the speeds and to make it fair for every user.

2. What are the average download speeds?

Download speed varies with the server that the site is on. On average and on the Teens Next Door, the speeds are very quick. Users experience download speed ranging from 60KBs to 200KBs (cable modems) and 3KB to 5KB for 56k users. Refer to the screenshot below...

3. Can I access all sites with my Adultbouncer ID or just Teens Next Door?

Your ID allows you to access ALL (800+) Adultbouncer site. Over 2000GB of porn for less than 1 can of Coke a day. Is that a great deal or what?

4. Won't I get bored?

With hundreds of sites and a whopping 2000GB of movies it will take you 238 consecutive days downloading 24/7 at a speed of 100KB/s to download all the content on the Network. There is a LOT of porn folks on the AB (AdultBouncer) Network!

5. Ok I'm convinced. How much will this cost? Will by membership be automatically renewed?

AdultBouncer is the BEST DEAL ON THE INTERNET. You get 2000GB of movies, 800 sites for ONLY $29.95 per month. Where else can you find such a killer deal? If you joined by Credit Card your membership will be automatically renewed every month (29.95). You can cancel your membership before the month end in order to not get rebilled next month.

6. I have a wife and I don't want her to know I'm looking at porn! knows that confidentiality is a main concern for their users. That's why you will be discretely billed from Ibill billing company. The note on your credit card statement will say IBILLCS - $29.95. Adultbouncer also DOESN'T sell your email address to marketers so you will not get spammed.

7. Why should I join? I know how to find free movies on the net.

If you search hard you can find some free movies on the net BUT they will be hosted on slow servers, be deleted within hours, be small of size, have missing scenes, have shitty previews and you have to search for hours to find 1 quality movie. With Adultbouncer you'll access ALL high quality, full screen movies (2000GB) within seconds with previews on very fast servers. Movies will not be split in a gazillion pieces nor will they be deleted within hours.

8. OK, You've convinced me. I'm ready to join! How can I? Is it secure?

Joining is as secure as it gets. The billing company, IBILL, knows privacy and security are of main concern. Your info will be send via industry strength unbreakable secure connections. Your confidential info is TAMPER PROOF! There are three ways of paying: Credit Card, Online Check (US & Canada Residents only) or Web900 (Telephone billing). To join, simply click the link below (Get your ID Now) and scroll down the page to choose your billing method. Activation of your ID is INSTANT! Within seconds you can access over 2000GB of porn and 800 sites. It takes less than 60 seconds folks to get an ID! Don't miss out!

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